The Meaning behind Purple & Green Gala

Anthony Jr. aka Moo with his mother, Libra in Disney 2013 with Make A Wish Foundation

Anthony Jr. "The Reason"

Anthony Jr. "Moo" has Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. The medical conditions were caused due to a botched delivery by Libra's OBGYN!  Libra then created a support group in 2010 for families similar to hers.  In 2016 Libra obtained the 501c3 for Our Children's Story, Inc and in 2017 She created the Purple and Green Gala Experience.  Green represents Cerebral Palsy and Purple represents Epilepsy.  

Libra and her son Lyric Ja'Dore when he was around 6months old

Lyric Ja'Dore "The Motivation"

Libra's motivation comes from her yougest son, Lyric Ja'Dore. Her youngest son was diagnosed with Autism in 2017. Lyric has shown her that life can be filled with butterflies, unicorns and rainbows if you just let go and enjoy what's gifted to you. He keeps his mother grounded so that she can fight for both him and is older brother Anthony Jr. 

The Our Children's Story Team: Libra, Tameche and Maria

The Growth

Libra took a simple support group that was started in Dekalb County, GA  and turned it into a 501c3 Organization to help families just like hers.  The 501c3 was obtained in 2016 and has since morphed into 2 new chapters. South Carolina and New York. 


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