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Our Top Tier Partners

Cairo Williams International Super Model & Posing Coach


Cairo Williams has been a working model for ten plus years. She's scorched the runway for New York Fashion Week, Calvin Klein, was hired as a campaign model for Maybeline as a commercial model, Face of Slumberpod, and she has shot with countless name brands, from Verizon to Citibank. Currently, Cairo is a face of Tokyo Fashion Express Japan and Brand Ambassador for YBLimited Mobile Glam Squad.

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Phillip Washington Makeup Artist & Photographer


From an early age Phillip would get in trouble for mixing his family's cosmetics and hygiene products to create his own products. Phillip began his career by simply making his own version of luxury lipgloss from scratch and he quickly transitioned into a self taught makeup artist. That's what prompted him to create YBLimited Mobile Glam Squad in 2013.  

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North Metro GNETS Program in Atlanta, GA


 The Georgia Network for Educational and Therapeutic Support (GNETS) is comprised of 24 programs which support the local school systems’ continuum of services for students with disabilities, ages 5-21. The programs provide comprehensive educational and therapeutic support services to students who might otherwise require residential or other more restrictive placements due to the severity of one or more of the characteristics of the disability category of emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD). 

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