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Idalia LaPointe program director for d.a.d "Dignify a diva"



Idalia LaPointe was born to Moses and Berecia Blopleh on June 26, 1975 in Mano River, Monrovia in Liberia, West Africa. She spent the first 4 years of her life there and then moved to the US with her parents and younger brother, settling in Illinois. Another sister was added a few years later. She was raised in a loving and extremely structured household that focused on God, a love for music, and a passion for helping those in need.

In 1998 she gave birth to her son Marcus Demetrius Jr and then in 2000 to her daughter, Isis Mikayla. She instilled in them the same values she had been raised with.  Often times, doing whatever she could in whatever community she lived in and taking her children along to help.  She always reinforced the importance of looking out for other people with as much love as possible. Over the years she supported friends, family, and strangers on a smaller scale. As her children got older, she devoted more time to supporting the community. 

Dignify A Diva was founded in 2015. The prime focus has been to support women and girls in need with gently loved purses filled with toiletries.  The idea is that while it appreciated to hand a woman in need personal items, doesn't it send a different message about dignity when those items are in a beautiful purse? Something she can continue to use?

That focus of Dignify a Diva has grown over the years to include continued support, advocacy, awareness, events, and sponsorship. In this day and age, the importance of support from one woman to another has become increasingly necessary.  Starting at on early age girls are often horrible to each other. Often times taking pleasure in tearing each other down. These fearful girls then turn into women who are afraid to ask their family, friends, and other resources for help for fear of being turned away, ridicule, and/or judgement. The “mean girl” epidemic is alive and well. Dignify A Diva focuses on improving the emotional, physical, and mental well-being of women and girls in need. Striving to uplift and empower women and girls that are struggling with homelessness, abuse, current and past trauma, lack of self esteem and feelings of despair. 

The mission is simple.  Reconnecting women and girls to theirs personal strength and dignity to help them achieve a happy and successful life!  It may start with a gently loved purses filled with toiletries.  However, it doesn't have to end there!  Purses have been  are donated from women all over Georgia TO women all over Georgia and some surrounding states!  Each purse is filled with all of a woman’s necessities (hygiene and beauty). Purses have been donated to Women’s Shelters, Emergency Placement Centers, High Schools, Outreach organizations, as well as on the street to women/girls in need.

Idalia has been blessed with a few honors.  The Janita Entertainment Women’s Empowerment Award - March 2017. The Journee Entertainment Award - Honoring Excellence Achieving Distinction - June 2018.  She was crowned also Queen 1865 for Juneteenth - June 2018. In April of 2019, Idalia was published in VoyageATL - April. 

Into the future the plan is to grow Dignify A Diva to include as many available resources to women and girls. “Secure the Bag” will have a new meaning as she continues to dignify Divas everywhere. 

Idalia Lapointe in Duabi during the Wanna Play Getaway annual trip
Idalia Lapointe in Duabi during the Wanna Play Getaway annual trip

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